Warren Smith re YOUNGMAN Family

Sydney, Australia

Thank you for this fantastic website.
I have traced my family back to being born and living in Blaxhall.
Indeed my grt grt grt grandfather Henry YOUNGMAN lived at the Ship Inn in the 1841 census, house number 27 in 1851, Back Lane in 1861, Mill Common in 1871 and then moved with his son Thomas to West Ham by 1881.
I would be interested to know if anyone has information on YOUNGMAN's living in Blaxhall.
Charles YOUNGMAN born 1737 in Wattisfield married Ann MALLOWS 13th Mar 1765.
Their son John MALLOWS YOUNGMAN born 1768 in Wattisfield married Mary (probably maiden name POLEY) on 25th Feb 1800.
Their son Henry YOUNGMAN was born 1808 in Tunstalll and married Maria (possibly maiden name BURROWES).
Their son Thomas David YOUNGMAN born 1842 in Wickham but lived most of his life in Blaxhall. He married Louisa (probable maiden name LAZELL). They moved to West Ham in later life.
The Youngman's were mainly farm labourers.
I have lots of information if anyone wishes to contact me.
Thank you.

My husband's great great grandfather was Sparrowhawk Smith (1794-1879 (married to Mary Butcher). There is a story on the Blaxhall History section of the website about one of their sons, James Sparrowhawk Smith, who became a successful mole catcher after losing most of his fingers in a threshing machine accident. There was reference to a photograph of James (taken outside the church) but I now can't find any trace of this. Can anyone tell me if this photo exists, and where I can find it please?

Sorry I can't help you. My relatives that lived in this area were YOUNGMAN and the Smith side of my family were from Plaistow / West Ham in Essex (as far as I can find out). Good luck with your search. Regards Handysmith

Hi thesmiffs,

The photo section's not up at the moment, but I've put the photo you're referring to into photobucket; http://s1056.photobucket.com/albums/t370/winnenden/

Thank you for that - it's very much appreciated. I look forward to seeing the photo section when it returns.

I am researching the Youngman family tree for a friend. Her great grandfather was Thomas Youngman born 1842. I have had difficulty in finding all the children of Henry Youngman born Tunstall 1808.
Your information was fantastic! As far as I can tell I think Louisa (wife of Thomas) died and he remarried Mary -again I am having problems finding all the children. The history of Blaxhall mentions a Walter Youngman deported in 1840 aged 20yrs. do you know if he fits into this tree?
I am grateful for all the information you posted on the web site and any further information would be much appreciated.

Dear Lilymead, My email address is fairandsquarebuilding@hotmail.com . Presently organising my daughters wedding so will organise information for you soon if that is okay. I also believe you are correct about the second marriage. I also have the names of the children and many of the decendants plus a lot of interesting info of later years. Too much info for this forum so it would be easier to email. Look forward to hearing from you. Best Wishes Handysmith