The Ling Family


Hello to all my new distant relations.

I have been working on my family tree for quite some time now and knew that my mother's side of the family was huge, that was until I found a Ling in the family, then it became gigantic!

My great great grandmother, Mary Ann Elizabeth Ling married John Bailey and it was their daughter Louisa that married my great grandfather John Naylor, my mother's grandfather. Although fairly distant, what a great family the Ling's were, and probably still are. I shall be visiting Blaxhall in March and hope to stay at The Ship Inn for a couple of days and have a look around.

Apart from that, this is a great site and I am so pleased to have come across it and now become a member so to speak.

Happy hunting everyone.

Sheila Bush

i have limited info that may relate to your enquiry,my ggg grandparents were james ling and susan (nee booth) dated late 1700.they had eight children,mark,david bathsheba,abraham,william,susan,JOHN and MARY ANN,who probably is your relation.her brother JOHN was my gg grandfather,who was baptised 28/09/1823 and married elizabeth hammond 13/08/1843.that is as far as i can inform your enquiry.
out of interest JOHN/ELIZABETH LING had 6 children including my
g grandfather WILLIAM LING who married sarah elizabeth smith
14/05/1854.they had 10 children including my grandmother SARAH
ELIZABETH LING who married my grandfather alfred day.that was the end of our LING chain. my father stanley day and family moved to blaxhall in the 1950s.i attended blaxhall school and made many friends.mavellous and unforgettable memories

malcolm day

Hi Sheila,

I was just reading your post and it throws up a bit of a problem; you have Louisa Bailey marrying one John Naylor, but I provisionally have her marrying a George Cullingford in 1890. Have you got any more details so we can clear this one up?



Hi Sheila,
I have only just read your post and agree with Shane that Louisa Bailey married George Cullingford.
I have looked at the censuses of 1881 to 1911 for your Louisa Naylor and she consistently states she was born in Ipswich, not Tunstall.
The Tunstall born Louisa Bailey was still unmarried and living in the parish at the time of the 1881 census. From the age of her children it would appear that your Louisa Bailey married c.1873.
The GRO birth index records a Laura Louisa Bailey whose birth was recorded in Ipswich in the June quarter 1854. I wonder if this could be your Louisa Bailey?
Sadly I don't think your Bailey ancestors are connected to the Blaxhall LING family.
Regards, Kevin

Hello Kevin

Many thanks for the information. I don't have that much info to be honest, my ex partner was looking into the family for me and he thought that Ipswich was very close to Blaxhall and so assumed. To be honest, I am going to have to delve into everything again now that I am home and will check it all out. I was excited about the Ling family, what a great story they have.

I know that John Naylor was married twice, the first time to a woman in Petworth, Sussex, (Ann Elizabeth Farmer) but she died very young and he re-married soon after I believe. He was a house painter and decorator and worked with his father on Petworth House in 1871, the census has them there at that time. I will check everything out tomorrow and see what I can find but with him moving about it has been a bit difficult. He settled in Battersea with Louisa and family and the family remained in that area, my mother was born there so they didn't move far away. I will let you know how I get on and this little episode just goes to show, never leave your partner to do anything for you!!!! hehe. Thanks again and I will be in touch.


Hi Shane

I have had a very nice message from someone called Kevin about my family. I expect you are able to see his message and my reply. I will check everything out tomorrow and let you know what I find but clearly there is a problem. A bit difficult to find marriage certs and the like when so many people in London didn't marry because they couldn't afford the licenses! I will be in touch soon.

Many thanks for your help.

Kind regards