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The Ling Family
21st July
Blaxhall and around.
Colin Lees

I have been researching the Ling family for my wife, one of the many descendants of the famous David(1754). I have gone back to William Lynge (Ling) Died 1579 Walsham Le Willows, Suffolk. In the tree I have developed down to my wife are many Lings down to my wife. Her grandfather Harry Allen Ling was born in Blaxhall in 1873 and was baptised there on 10th Aug 1873. If I can help any others researching the Ling's or any family that may have married a Ling I will be glad to help. My email address is

All the best


Mary Anne Ling born Blaxhall 1846
26th August

Firstly, congratulations on such an informative and interesting site. It is really bringing the area to life for me and a forthcoming visit is being planned!
My great great grandmother was Mary Anne Ling, born in Blaxhall in 1846. She married in the village in1864 to William Newman Moore, a millwright from Witton by North Walsham in Norfolk. Together they had 2 children, one of whom, Florence Mary was my great grandmother. Unfortunately Mary Anne died in 1868 in Poplar, London, not longer after Florence was born, leaving William with 2 young children. The 1871 Census finds them living in Bow with Mary Anne´s elder sister, Sophia and her husband, Joseph Trumpeter.
Mary Anne´s parents were Samuel Ling(not the habitual criminal!) and Mary Osborn(?) .In 1851 the family were living in Limetree Hall, Blaxhall. In 1861, Mary Anne was working as a servant in a miller´s home in Wickham Market, which is where I imagine she met William.
I assume we are linked somehow to the prolific David Ling!
If anyone can add anything to this, particularly about Mary Anne´s parents and earlier, I should be most grateful.
Thank you.

Old film of the ship 1955 all the family there if you want me to send it to you leave you're email address .
14th July

If you want me to send the old film of the ship to you filmed in 1955 all the family's are in it well most of them my great grandfather George messenger is. Nice to have .leave you're e mail address I will send .

Kathy DeMarco
8th March
Loudonville, New York

Hello, I am searching my mother's side of the family and have gotten back as far as James Durrant and his wife Charlotte Ling Durrant, residing in Waterford, NY, USA and being born in England. I did an internet search and found that the Ling name is big in Blaxhall but just recently see the Durrant name appearing too. Charlotte Ling came over to the US with several Durrants (thought not James) in May 1853, along with an infant Fannie Ling. In the 1860 US census I have James, Charlotte and Fannie listed as Durrants. The 1925 Iowa State census for one of their sons had a category of mother's maiden name (how lucky!) and lists Ling. It also indicates that his parents (James and Charlotte) were married in England. They were born in 1826 and 1829 so presumably were married around 1847-1853. That's as far as I can get. If anyone has any suggestions or information, I would love to hear from you. Many thanks.

Trenna Loughton (nee Wardley)
1st November

Hello, I am researching my family tree and wondered if any one could be of assistance.
I am the granddaughter of James Wardley born around 1876 in Blaxhall. I know his first marriage was to an Elizabeth and they had a son Leonard who I believe was born in 1906. Both James and Elizabeth are buried in the churchyard.
James' second marriage was to my grandmother Elsie Tongate in Dennington and they had a son Robert (my dad) in 1946 when James was 71! James died in 1952.
As far as I can be certain James parents were Charles and Ellen.
There are so many fractions of the Wardley family tree that I would appreciate any help.
I would like to compile our family tree for my dad as losing his father when he was so young, and his other aunts/uncles would have being so much older at the time (due to his father being older than average shall we say) he really has had no Wardley links to speak of.
We are both proud of being Wardley's and as I have no brothers to carry on the name I have adopted Wardley as an extra middle name now that I am married and my two children have Wardley as middle names also.
I would appreciate any help thank you.

Catherine Blaxhall
9th October

My family and I visited Blaxhall at the beginning of October it is my second visit only and sadly both times 'The Ship' inn was closed. If there are any other Blaxhalls out there, I would love to hear from them!
Sadly my husband, Keith died very suddenly and unexpectedly on August 18th, so this was a visit in his memory.
The village is lovely and I guess the origins of my husbands family must lie there somewhere in its history. I hope to return and maybe the pub will be open next time - it looked very tempting!
Best wishes,

The Ling Family.
10th September
Swilland & Blaxhall

Hi, my name is Pat Chaplin and I am probably not alone in being a 1st cousin 5 times removed of David Ling, the notorious one man population explosion of Blaxhall. My 4x great grandfather Thomas Ling (1730) Swilland, was the brother of David's father David, (1728) Swilland.

I have traced the Transported Ling half brothers William and John Ling, the sons of David Ling (1754), who stole a pig, from their sentencing at the Suffolk Assizes to William's untimely and painful death on board the "Susan" due to Extravasation of Urine, to John's arrival in Tasmania where he was given a Conditional Pardon on the 31 Oct 1846, and a Free Certificate on the 6 Sep 1852. John went on to became a Farmer of 40 acres of land. He died in Bagdad on 22 July 1865 of Dysentery. He is buried in Kempton (formerly Green Ponds) Tasmania.
I have a photo of John's head stone and one of a group of Ling's. One being a Charlotte Ling....could this be his wife that he had to leave behind in England and who disappeared after the 1851 census when she was known to be working in Soho London as a Laundress?? I wonder!!

My own x4 Great grandfather Thomas Ling had his own problems, he and his wife Deborah nee Evens, with my 3x great grandmother Deborah Ling and their son Thomas were caught up in the Settlement and Examination Orders merry-go-round, when they were given Removal Orders on 2 occasions from St Matthews Ipswich to Depden.
Deborah's (the daughter) second marriage, after her 1st husband John Hanslip died, was to John Cockle, which then lead on down the generations to the birth of my mother in 1912, who was also a Cockle.

Sorry if I've bored anyone...just thought some of the information might be helpful to some of you.

I would also like to thank everyone concerned with the running of this is the most informative and welcoming site I have ever come across and I have passed it on to many other researchers who are connected to Blaxhall in one way or another.

Please can you put the Photo Gallery back on soon...I miss looking at them and it's lovely to see relatives you never knew you had.

relative of Beryl Callan who is buried in your churchyard
1st September

I visited the grave of Beryl (my foster mother) a couple of weeks back. Afterwards we went into the church. What a beautiful little church and obviously so loved and cared for. Beautiful kneelers, such wonderful bright varied colours. Lovely idea to have the prayer tree and the candles to light. However I could not getover the fact that we could have a drink, a biscuit AND the use of a W.C. Amazing, I felt so loved. Its a pity that more churches dont make visitors feel so welcome. WELL DONE AND THANK YOU. Marion Smith.

GEORGE LING birth c1814 Blaxhall
18th August

Hello - thanks for such an informative site. I am descended from David Ling (1728-1788) and Hannah Woolnough via their son David Ling (1754-1826) and his wife B Middleton via their son George Ling (1790-1863) and his wife Jemima Burch. Their son also George Ling was born c 1814 and he married Ann (b 1809 Bromley, Kent) and moved to Kent where their dau Elizabeth Ling was born c 1845. She was my gg grandmother.

Warren Smith re YOUNGMAN Family
16th June
Sydney, Australia

Thank you for this fantastic website.
I have traced my family back to being born and living in Blaxhall.
Indeed my grt grt grt grandfather Henry YOUNGMAN lived at the Ship Inn in the 1841 census, house number 27 in 1851, Back Lane in 1861, Mill Common in 1871 and then moved with his son Thomas to West Ham by 1881.
I would be interested to know if anyone has information on YOUNGMAN's living in Blaxhall.
Charles YOUNGMAN born 1737 in Wattisfield married Ann MALLOWS 13th Mar 1765.
Their son John MALLOWS YOUNGMAN born 1768 in Wattisfield married Mary (probably maiden name POLEY) on 25th Feb 1800.
Their son Henry YOUNGMAN was born 1808 in Tunstalll and married Maria (possibly maiden name BURROWES).
Their son Thomas David YOUNGMAN born 1842 in Wickham but lived most of his life in Blaxhall. He married Louisa (probable maiden name LAZELL). They moved to West Ham in later life.
The Youngman's were mainly farm labourers.
I have lots of information if anyone wishes to contact me.
Thank you.