August 2012


Blaxhall is about to lose its 165 Anglian bus service.

Instead of calling at Blaxhall, from the 1st September it will go directly from Snape to Tunstall.

You may not currently use it but many villagers, visitors and tourists do. It’s an essential service for those that don’t or can’t drive - for work, for socialising, for shopping, for banking, for visiting the doctor and dentist. It helps those that live in our rural community from being isolated. It lets us keep our independence and stay in the village that we have chosen to live in.

It is also a “Greener “ way to travel and this is what Suffolk County Council say they want – for Suffolk to be the Greenest County.

We have been told to use the Suffolk Link bus instead, but this isn’t a reliable public transport service. You have to book it well in advance and it’s not always possible to get this service at the time that you need it on the day that you need it, even when you try to book it days ahead.

The bus users have only just found out about the cuts to our service. There was no consultation and even the Parish Council had not been informed.

How can you help?

1. By writing to our local MP
2. By writing to our local County Councillor
3. By writing to our local District Councillor
4. By writing to the Company Chairman of The Go-Ahead Group that owns Anglian Buses

Please write to them, asking them to put our village back on the 165 bus route. Their names and addresses are over the page.

1. Therese Coffey MP - National Hall, Sun Lane, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1EG

2. Cllr Andrew Reid - Suffolk County Council, Endeavour House, 8 Russell Road, Ipswich Suffolk IP1 2BX

3. Cllr Ray Herring - Suffolk Coastal District Council, Melton Hill, Woodbridge, Suffolk

4. Sir Patrick Brown, Company Chairman, The Go-Ahead Group plc, 6th Floor, 1 Warwick Row, London SW1E 5ER