August 2011

Blaxhall fete

Don't forget to come along to the fete on Saturday at 2.30pm, see you there!

Blaxhall Parish Council Meeting Agenda 7th September 2011

Blaxhall Parish Council on Wednesday 7th September 2011 at 7:30pm in
Blaxhall Village Hall
Members of the public and press are invited to attend



2.Declarations of interest regarding matters on this agenda

3.To Approve the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 6th July 2011 and the draft minutes of the In Camera Council meeting held following this meeting.To approve the draft minutes of the Extraordinary Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 10th August 2011.

4.(a) Report by County Cllr Andrew Reid
(b) Report by District Cllr Raymond Herring
(c) Police Report

5.Matters Arising:-
5.1 - Report from Steve Aylward and Ben Calvesbert - Suffolk Wildlife Trust
5.2 - Newsletter
5.3 - Resolution to Consider donating up to £200 towards hedgerow planting within Blaxhalll
5.4 - Resolution to Consider donating £100.00 to Blaxhall Village Hall/Playing Field Committee towards Centenary Celebrations
5.5 - To review and Adopt Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult Policies
5.6 - Garthwaite Charity
5.7 - To review and Adopt the Freedom of Information Act Model Publication Scheme
November 2008.
5.8 - To consider adopting a Planning Sub Committee
5.9 - To approve and adopt Allotment Committee Standing Orders

6.Parish Clerk's Report

7.Planning Matters
7.1. Existing Applications
Application No: C11/1226
Location: Rosemary Cottage, School Rd, Blaxhall
Proposal: Erection of air source heat pump
The Parish Council recommended Approval for this application subject to the following condition: The Parish Council recommend that the noise from the operation of the
device is controlled within limits of the appropriate regulations. This Application has been
Granted by SCDC with 4 Conditions.

7.2. New Applications -
Application No: C11/1706
Location: Stone Farm, Station Rd, Blaxhall
Proposal: Change of use/conversion of traditional horse stables to residential annexe
involving removal of adjoining nearby modern buildings, and use of existing vehicular
An Extraordinary Council meeting was held to discuss the above application and the Parish Council recommended Approval for this application. No decision has been made by SCDC.

8. Finance
Bank Balances: A/C 10796573 - £9014.53, A/C 90184039 - £3516.83
Receipts: Nil
8.1 – Payments to be Approved:-
Chq No 100513 - £224.42 - Clerk's Salary & Expenses
Chq No 100514 - £162.00 – BDO External Audit Fee
Chq No 100515 - £467.64 – SCDC Election Costs
8.2 - To approve the 2010/11 Annual Return
8.3 - Parish Clerk/RFO Annual Salary Review

9. Correspondence

10. Chairman's Notices

11. Items for the next meeting to be held on Wednesday 2nd November 2011